Scum and Villainy Cantina

Enjoying Space Dust IPA 🍺

Greek Alert! We drove into Hollywood and walked into this scoundrel themed bar.

Alongside the Star Wars themed Cantina are cocktails and drinks inspired by Battlestar Galactica, Marvel and DC characters and video games.


100 Days of GatsbyJSstatus

Gatsby Planning Update

As I finish the first few tutorials in preparation for #100DaysOfGatsby I hit a minor roadblock in the Fourth Tutorial by way of the Grave Accent used in text strings.

This is probably the first time I’ve used a (`) in code. I prefer the more common apostrophe (‘) its easy to dismiss as dust on the screen.

In the screenshot above I initially missed it appearing after graphql on line 8 as well as the blocks of css that follow.

100 Days of GatsbyJS

My 100 Days of Gatsby Course Plan

This is my personal plan for #100DaysOfGatsby. It’s not intended as advice or a curriculum.

Goal: Learn Gatsby and Headless WordPress using Gatsby and GraphQL in 100 days.

Restrictions: No more than one hour per day.

Methodology: Days alternate between reading documentation and application. Each topic should take at least two days to complete. Days listed are estimated minimums.

Allowances: Days off for holidays, planned and unplanned events as needed. This isn’t going to be a mad sprint of consecutive days.

Progress Updates: This category will provide progress updates that I’ll occasionally share to #100DaysOfGatsby on Twitter.

Pre Planning

  • Read Gatsby Fundamentals
  • Set-up Development Environment
  • Sample introduction tutorials (1-3) within Gatsby Fundamentals

10 Days: Intermediate Tutorials

Add additional days if needed to casually learn the following

7 Days: Theme Tutorials

Add additional days if needed to casually learn the following

16 Days: Additional Tutorials

Add additional days if needed to casually learn the following

18 Days: Headless WordPress

JS for WP Course: Headless WordPress with GatsbyJS

  • Watch a video and apply course tutorial

This concludes a minimum of 51 days

In all likelihood I won’t complete the above in 51 days. Many of the tutorials linked above lead to branches that should add additional days to this course plan.

If additional days remain build out a project.

Additional Project ideas

  • Build a GatsbyJS blog about this journey
  • Build a theme
  • Build a Headless WordPress site