Keep Calm and File a Bug Report

I know everyone is stressed out with Gutenberg but remember its Free Software built by hard working people who are mostly volunteers. File a detailed bug report and include all the steps to reproduce the issue. Often, it will be addressed sooner.

Gutenberg text and Images buggy?

Buggy Gutenberg block selection

I’m trying to muddle through a press release in the office and finding that once an image is aligned with a text block selecting one or the other is a bit of a chore. Mouse focus seems to play a part with predicting the user’s intent.

Joseph Dickson

For example, If my cursor is currently in the text box aligned around the image and I navigate to select the image I’m frequently, but not always greeted with a two block selection rather than the image itself. In some cases this happens randomly even if I wasn’t editing that block. It’s a strange behavior and I’m trying to work around it. 🙁

This seems to be particularly troublesome when editing a previously published page. The issue doesn’t seem to occur within a newly created post.

#IEWP Presentation Prep

List priorities to cover in each area

1978’s Commander Adama will be overseeing today’s advance preparation for an upcoming Introduction to Child Themes.

  • Introduction to a Child Theme
  • Stylesheet setup
  • Functions.php setup
  • Using the Template Hierarchy
  • Practical Examples

He’s added a few of his own priorities but I don’t think I’ll be much help in the field of fleet operations and logistics.

  • Where am I going to find cigars for Starbuck?
  • Writing a thank you note to Colonel Tigh isn’t really my expertise.
  • I personally like Apollo but I have no authority to promote anyone.
  • Lt. Athena’s classroom budget could use a bump.