Learning JavaScript is no longer optional

The State of CSS 2019 survey results didn’t surprise me. Since WordPress moved to Gutenberg in late 2018 I’ve found relearning JavaScript and taking on ReactJS has become necessary. What I could do with my knowledge of CSS and PHP will not be enough to ‘get by’ in a few years.

Thoughts on the near future

  • CSS Grid will replace CSS frameworks
  • ReactJS will start to replace PHP in WordPress theme development
  • Methodologies used in static site generators like Gatsby and Hugo are also worth a serious review.

While learning Gatsby it became quickly apparent quicker load times and lower bandwidth static site generators can provide. I expect WordPress and Drupal may work some of these concepts into core to speed up user experience at some point.

Sitting hours at home can contribute to cardiovascular disease


NPR’s Morning Edition had a short segment on the health risks of sitting at home for more than two hours at a time.

Interestingly, I have been using a Fitbit the last few years to alert me if I don’t take at least 250 steps per hour. Now that I’m good about moving at work it looks like I should add a few hours to that reminder while I’m at home too.