Joseph Dickson

  • How I use my Freewrite Traveler

    How I use my Freewrite Traveler

    I’m not an author, I have not ambition to be one and don’t intend on publishing the next great novel, screenplay, opinion, news article, or clickbait. I’m a Linux user and a fan of e-ink devices. A few months ago I purchased a new, first generation, currently the only generation, Freewrite Traveler directly from Astrohaus.…

  • The Row at DTLA

    The Row at DTLA

    on a quiet and cool Saturday afternoon. Website:

  • The Stirling Pooch

    The Stirling Pooch

  • Cigs & Coffee

    Cigs & Coffee

    The Vandalist in Whittier on Green Street.

  • Sketch Self Portrait

    Sketch Self Portrait

    A quick study sketch during my lunch break. using my selfie camera as a mirror and a Pilot Prera with a fine nib filled with Diamine Oxblood.

  • Vim for Distraction Free Writing

    Vim for Distraction Free Writing

    When I’m not using a journal to collect my thoughts I dig up my aging Toshiba NB505, a fifteen year old netbook that I saved from e-waste when my dad upgraded. It’s currently running Debain + i3wm and it’s last practical use if for drafting and editing text. The keyboard, surprisingly is where this machine…