WordPress Site Health Zen Achieved

One of the advantages of using a service like Digital Ocean to host a site is that I can micro manage every detail personally. This is the reward. The most difficult part was finding documentation for pointing PHP to use 7.3 instead of 7.2.

I found the answer on this blog post.

The other task was activating a PHP module and I found that answer over at SiteGround.

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Thoughts on Utopia

Manu Saadia has a pretty good point in his latest piece in Citylab. I can’t quite think of the last Utopian novel I’ve read cover to cover.

A sobering moment was this paragraph.

It tells you something that when the most avowedly utopian franchise in modern entertainment, Star Trek, decided to showcase a future city in space (in 2016’s Star Trek Beyond), it shot the exteriors in … Dubai.

Maanu Saadia

Not San Francisco, or suburban Los Angeles as we’d previously seen. Yeah, I would say we have an image problem. 😬

Even Captain America became burnt out by the end of his MCU run.

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  • Reading: "In a Dystopian Age, We Need a Revival of Utopian Thinking" by Manu Saadia

The Independent Web

slide form presentation
David Bowie launched an album on his website in 1999.

Stop Scrolling Facebook

Tantek Çelik

This talk appeared during the live stream at WordCamp US 2019 in room 240. It was fantastic to see so many of my friends mentioned as examples of the power of an open web. David Wolfpaw, Bridget Willard, Chris Aldrich, and Chris Wiegman all as examples of the power of independent websites to share their voice beyond the typical social media platforms 😀

Common themes discussed were the proprietary control Facebook and other platforms have on curating our voice and content, how it can be fed or hidden from our audience, friends, co-workers clients without our control.

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