Being a model contributor | Jonathan Desrosiers| @desrosj

  • 2007 started using WordPress
  • 2009 started taking a deeper drive
  • 2013 contributions to WordPress
    • a simple css bug fix ๐Ÿ™‚
  • WordCamp Providence 2013
    • Contributor Day met @nacin
    • Ticket, Improving passwords for users
    • First experience in actual collaboration to core
  • Lurking Phase
    • watched Slack at .org
  • Volunteering Phase
    • testing patches, administrative tasks
  • 2015 Community Summit
  • 2018 Core Committer
  • 2019 Triage Team
    • Reduce open tickets
  • Why Contribute?
    • Knowledge and Experience
    • Career Advancement
    • Cultures and backgrounds
    • New Friendships
    • FOSS contributions transcend jobs

What makes a great FOSS contributor

  • Be through and careful
  • attention to detail
  • provide very strong details and examples on how to recreate the problem
  • be patient
  • be curious
  • be empathetic
  • Tips to be successful
  • Understand the time requirements and be realistic. Don’t take on to much.
  • Set realistic expectations
  • Understand the projects priorities
    • IE block editor, phase 2 and phase 3
  • All contributions are valuable
  • Remember that you’re not alone
  • Assume good intent, even if frank feedback sounds rough or personal (cultural differences)
  • Don’t be embarrassed by your code
  • Master specific topics. Be an expert it a couple areas
  • Being a generalist has value

How to Contribute

  • Join WordPress Slack
  • Observe Phase
    • Attend meetings and get a sense of how they work — Slack
  • New Contributor meetings
    • Second and Fourth Wednesday every month
  • Do research
  • Volunteer
    • even if its something as simple as meeting summaries
  • Convince the boss
  • Ask for help







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