Gutenberg text and Images buggy?

Buggy Gutenberg block selection

I’m trying to muddle through a press release in the office and finding that once an image is aligned with a text block selecting one or the other is a bit of a chore. Mouse focus seems to play a part with predicting the user’s intent.

Joseph Dickson

For example, If my cursor is currently in the text box aligned around the image and I navigate to select the image I’m frequently, but not always greeted with a two block selection rather than the image itself. In some cases this happens randomly even if I wasn’t editing that block. It’s a strange behavior and I’m trying to work around it. 🙁

This seems to be particularly troublesome when editing a previously published page. The issue doesn’t seem to occur within a newly created post.

Ubuntu 18.04 + Unity 8

I kinda got fed up with the poorly utilized top bar area of GNOME and decided to remove it in favor of Ubuntu’s former Unity desktop. To get it work properly I had to make sure GNOME was completely removed removed from my system as they share some settings. I also installed the  proper Ambiance and Radiance themes were installed. I also reinstalled lightdm and removed gdm for my log in screen.

If you want a good take on why Unity just works check out Infinitely Galactic’s Vlog post on the subject.