• The Man-Kzin Wars

    The Man-Kzin Wars

    Light reading for the evening.

  • Boglehead


    Back in January I paid off my last consumer debt. Now with that settled I decided to reinvest more towards retirement. After a deep dive into YouTube I discovered the work of John Bogle and the creation of Vanguard’s index funds and being a proponent of the three fund portfolio. US total index fund, ex-US…

  • Revelation Lunch

    Revelation Lunch

    Reading Revelation Space having a thick sandwich made with artisan sourdough and coffee.

  • To be read

    I recently picked up two additions for my ebook library. The Earthseed Series by Octavia E. Butler the complete series for $4.99 on a Black Friday deal and Hyperfocus by Chris Baily.

  • Ernest Cline

    If you like Top Ten Lists you’ll love the novelization Ready Player Two Joseph Dickson I won’t be checking out Ready Player Two. I was annoyed with Armada‘s non stop 80s references that read like a BuzzFeed list. Best I skip this one.

  • Writing For Designers

    Writing For Designers

    Hyperbole is a crutch. Calling everything the biggest, best, greatest, and most fantastic ever is the sign of a weak mind. A weak, orange treasonous mind. Scott Kubie This sentence proved a point and gave me a chuckle. Writing For Designers is a brief book on the importance of writing as part of the design…