Firefox RAM usage in htop

CPU / RAM Usage: Lubuntu 20.04

It makes me warm and fuzzy inside to see the CPU hog is Firefox with one tab open at only 5.7%… Not the OS, utilities, pianobar, or gnome pomodoro timer. ???? ????

Compton the compositing manager seems to want my attention.

The CPU hog appears to be Compton, I’ve disabled it since I’m not doing using transparencies, drop shadows or anything that requires it to be running.

LXQT > Session Settings > Basic Settings > Compton Disabled
Compton X compositor disabled

After a quick log out and back in things are light and super responsive. I have a LAMP localhost running for web development. That’s reserving much of the RAM.

Compton Disabled results in htop
Compton Disabled resulted in a calmer CPU cycles

This workhouse of a desktop is a Sandybridge i5 2500k that I built in late August of 2011. I’ve added a Nvidia GPU 750 Ti a few years later as a Black Friday upgrade. I have no interest in running a lightweight deployment I just want the desktop to remain snappy, stable and stay out of the way while I work.

Screenfetch of my “Work Horse” system specs





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