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Create a RSS Feed From An Indeed Job Search Query using Liferea

It’s been awhile since I last looked at, I’m happy to report RSS feeds still exist! Though they don’t promote them.

Create a RSS Feed From the Search URL

Perform a search on their platform and copy the URL,-CA-jobs.html

replace www with rss and use that URL in creating a new Liferea feed
Adding a new subscription to liferea
Paste the URL into a new subscription feed. It will automatically convert characters if needed.

That’s it. note that q- is for query and l- is for location. I’m sure there are other flags that can be used. I used this trick back in 2009 and it still works today. Additional tips can be found on Reddit.





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    Not a fan of #Indeed’s algorithm? Try an #RSS feed reader.…

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    Single Post and pages now display the featured image via OpenGraph on social media platforms that support it.…

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