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It takes 1GB for WordPress in 2020

When it takes 1GB to run a relatively lean WordPress website in 2020 I see the appeal of static site generators. These are from my $10 a month Digital Ocean server for this website.

A few years back we could comfortably run a basic blog on a server with a mere 512 MB of RAM.






7 responses to “It takes 1GB for WordPress in 2020”

  1. D.J. Avatar

    In the ‘70s, we could get to the moon and back several times on less. But we couldn’t stream Netflix on the way.

  2. Prahlad Yeri Avatar

    The problem is that we had abundance of dirt cheap computer hardware since 90s, so software developers started squandering memory & resources. If only 1GB of cloud space still costed a fortune in 2020????.

  3. Joseph Dickson Avatar

    yippie for aws I suppose. ????

  4. Joseph Dickson Avatar

    and limited to roughly the same amount of electricity to run a single coffee maker.

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