Lurking and Private Posts

I stumbled across this post by Chris Aldrich while lurking through my Twitter feed. Which has inspired me throw back a reply and briefly summarize how I have been increasingly using IndiWeb core ideas and concepts to re-focus how I use the web.

More than a website

Recently I’ve been building a custom WordPress theme to suit my niche web surfing behavior.

A custom reading, writing and usability experience

At the core I selected Rhodium Libre a typeface with heavy serifs that allow me to comfortably lean back as I type or read. I also added accessibility features so I can easily tab through without moving my hands away from the keyboard.

A somewhat private digital notebook

I’ve created a post and page template requiring the reader to be logged in to view it’s contents. This allows me to take notes at work and not worry about context. It also allows me to use my personal blog in place of a third party note taking app. Currently I do have a few practical limitations.

  • Uploaded media and files are public.
  • Gutenberg doesn’t have a to-do list checkbox feature

My IndiWeb to do list

Review the various Micropub implementations to replace or use in addition to third party apps such as Goodreads and Untappd. Although I enjoy using these services I don’t have a local copy of their information when and if my account is closed or the service changes or disappears.






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