Is Multisite right for you?

Secrets and shortcuts you need to know…

A few years ago I jumped my organization onto Multisite, at first it was fantastic. WordPress, themes and plugins could be updated in a single dashboard. By clicking a few buttons and checking off a to-do list I had another site ready to go. This was fantastic!

Before long I was managing dozens of sub-sites and that to-do list was getting longer. Some elements couldn’t be shared and had to be duplicated manually. Wait, this is supposed to be dynamic and automated. Why am I doing more work than before?

In this talk I discuss my rough start with Multisite. How problems could have been minimized and the additional steps I take today to maintain this growing network.

Let preparations begin!

This is how I visualize and organize my slide deck presentation for When is Multisite right for you?  before building it in LibreOffice Impress.

Nothing fancy, and just about any notebook would suit the purpose of keeping research and thoughts in a single place. In this instance I’m using a Moleskine Cashier’s Journal from a six pack picked up a Costco a few weeks back. It’s probably too big for the purpose but I can use it to contain additional research during and following WordCamp Riverside 2017.