• The Sterling Pooch by Second Chance Beer Co

    The Sterling Pooch by Second Chance Beer Co

    Another quiet evening at home, I wandered to the fridge to find a beverage. A bold high contrast can caught my eye, it features a silhouette of a terrier with a red cape around the collar. The typography, bold newspaper style cutout letters. The kind you’d see on a ransom note from the 80s. How’d…

  • Journals


    In 2013, I began using the Bullet Journal method, frequently either paired with a Moleskine or Leuchtturm1917 A5 hard-cover notebook and a Dixon Ticonderoga pencil. An A5 journal still serves as my filtered inbox. A trick I learned after Reading David Crensaw’s book The Myth of Multitasking, where he suggested using one inbox for everything, or was that…

  • The Caretaker’s Vigil

    The Caretaker’s Vigil

    In the vast expanse of space, a lone spaceship glided silently, its hull reflecting the distant stars like a beacon of hope cutting through the darkness. Onboard, amidst the hum of machinery and the soft glow of control panels, stood Mara, the caretaker of the vessel. Mara had been chosen for this solemn duty years…

  • Brunch!


    Oh no, I forgot my lunch at home. Anyways…

  • Rhodia Paper Cover for my Hobonichi Original

    Rhodia Paper Cover for my Hobonichi Original

    I didn’t want to buy an A6 folio or plastic cover for my Hobonichi Original and thought back to high school and college when students folded craft paper around textbooks. By using fountain pen friendly paper I can write directly on the cover without damaging my notebook and replace when damaged.

  • Mark Ryan Winery

    Mark Ryan Winery

    Sampling fantastic wines from Mark Ryan Winery.