#IEWP Presentation Prep

List priorities to cover in each area

1978’s Commander Adama will be overseeing today’s advance preparation for an upcoming Introduction to Child Themes.

  • Introduction to a Child Theme
  • Stylesheet setup
  • Functions.php setup
  • Using the Template Hierarchy
  • Practical Examples

He’s added a few of his own priorities but I don’t think I’ll be much help in the field of fleet operations and logistics.

  • Where am I going to find cigars for Starbuck?
  • Writing a thank you note to Colonel Tigh isn’t really my expertise.
  • I personally like Apollo but I have no authority to promote anyone.
  • Lt. Athena’s classroom budget could use a bump.

Ubuntu 18.04 + Unity 8

I kinda got fed up with the poorly utilized top bar area of GNOME and decided to remove it in favor of Ubuntu’s former Unity desktop. To get it work properly I had to make sure GNOME was completely removed removed from my system as they share some settings. I also installed theĀ  proper Ambiance and Radiance themes were installed. I also reinstalled lightdm and removed gdm for my log in screen.

If you want a good take on why Unity just works check out Infinitely Galactic’s Vlog post on the subject.