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Solus GNOME vs POP_OS! installed packages

I’ve been on a GNOME kick for a couple months and noticed something about Solus’ spin that surprised me… It’s using far fewer packages than POP_OS!.

I know I’m comparing two completely different systems here; both with their own goals. However, both are relatively minimalist in their approach with included software. That Ubuntu core I’ve come to love is a wee bit hefty. Even Lubuntu which I lived in for awhile had more packages.

This is not a balanced comparison, both systems are not stock installations. Solus is sporting Steam while POP_OS! is my WordPress development rig.  Still I was surprised how much Ubuntu’s core has grown over the years.

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Trisquel 8 First Impressions

Once I customize the look and feel Trisquel 8 becomes a very pretty and stable Desktop.

I installed WordPress without any weirdness or issues. That meets my minimum requirements. Additionally, not a single glitch and I was able to enjoy a brew and Linux Game Cast while installing WordPress. I’d be remiss if I didn’t give credit where credit is due to the Nouveau driver support running my Nvidia 750ti perfectly. Update: Unable to log back in after suspend soured me a little. Rather than take the time to research the problem I decided to give Solus a shot.
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Cal Newport on Quitting Social Media

Cal Newport discusses the pitfalls and benefits of cutting back and even completely disconnecting from social media.