Ubuntu 18.04 + Unity 8

I kinda got fed up with the poorly utilized top bar area of GNOME and decided to remove it in favor of Ubuntu’s former Unity desktop. To get it work properly I had to make sure GNOME was completely removed removed from my system as they share some settings. I also installed theĀ  proper Ambiance and Radiance themes were installed. I also reinstalled lightdm and removed gdm for my log in screen.

If you want a good take on why Unity just works check out Infinitely Galactic’s Vlog post on the subject.

#hackwpcli day

July 20 is #hackwpcli day and to celebrate this occasion I decided to only post to my personal blog via WP-CLI. As the day continues I’ll edit this post, make adjustments and try as best I can to live in my terminal for the entire day.

I only started using WP-CLI a few days ago and quickly realized it offers far more features than just interfacing with the blog. You can perform several tasks in the database, even install another instance of WordPress. I saw a listing of commands that will you set up new templates for themes and plugins. Many of these are only practical in a testing environment but anything that speeds up the creative process is worth a look.