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Foliate a modern eReader for Linux

Sometimes I just want an eBook reader that gets out of the way and Foliate might just be minimalist alternative to Calibre I’ve been waiting for. I may actually enjoy reading on my laptop again.

Want to highlight text and take notes… No problem, Foliate can do that.

highlighting text
Highlighting text and taking notes in Foliate

Want to use your favorite system font? You can do that. Remarkably it works very well. I’ve been using eBook readers for over ten years now and selecting custom fonts has always been a challenge. But here it’s as simple as changing your text editor font in a GNOME application. In fact everything about this application was designed to work well in GNOME.

select system fonts
Selecting Red Hat Display Bold

White background and black text hard on your eyes after hours of reading. Changing between defaults is a few toggles, radio buttons, and sliders away. No need to learn using cascading style sheets.

Almost forgot, you can look up definitions and Wikipedia references.

Off Topic

Reading for quality not quantity

What Happened When I (Tried to) Read 30 Books in 30 Days” popped up in the Firefox New Tab, Pocket recommendations but stopped a bit abruptly in the recommendations to read more. I have a few tricks I like to use to accomplish more productive reading.


Regardless of whether you prefer print or digital books load up a few and download them to your phone. I know this sounds obvious but instead of looking at Instagram or Twitter when waiting in a queue or dare I say sitting on a toilet (don’t lie to yourself we all do it) open up a book and read a page or two. Here are some other quick read ideas to get more reading in when you’re alone and not ignoring friends and family.

  • Read while eating a meal
  • Read while drinking
  • Read a page before checking social media every damn time.


I like to set a minimum limit on reading such as 20 minutes or until the end of the chapter. I suggest a manageable and practical goal. If you want to read a whole book every day go for it but be realistic.

Kidding aside, don’t bring printed books into the restroom unless they stay there. That just not right.


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