Pocket Notebook Combination

Two Field Notes Bullet Journal System

A quick rundown of how I’m currently using Bullet Journal to manage my projects.

Pocket Notebook One

  • Monthly Log
  • Future Log
  • Collections
Collections and Monthly Log
Fields Notes 1: Collections and Monthly Log

Pocket Notebook Two

  • Rapid Log intermixed with the Daily Log
Rapid Logging & Daily Log Field Notes notebook
Field Notes 2:  Rapid Log & Daily Log notebook
Typo brand passport holder
Typo brand passport holder contains the pen and my two books

The First notebook with my Collections and Monthly Log, Future Log has lasted over a year and I’m only 1/2 way through it. The second notebook for my Daily Log and Rapid Logging usually takes 8-12 weeks to fill up. Once done I swap it for a new one.

The pitfall of using pocket notebooks is that it requires me to be very concise. At some point I may need to create a Index notebook just to remind myself what’s inside which one as they get used up pretty quickly.

Admittedly, it can be counter productive to have a dozen of these floating around instead of a single larger notebook.






4 responses to “Two Field Notes Bullet Journal System”

  1. Troy Mayfield Avatar
    Troy Mayfield

    Thank you for sharing this. I’ve been blowing through notebooks too quickly with the future planner and daily notes/rapid logs and struggled with coming up with a solution. I was just about to consider going back to a larger book when I saw this!

    1. Joseph Dickson Avatar

      I do run into the issue of … “damn” this is in my other a5 notebook from time to time. But that’s usually in ‘text heavy’ notes where a pocket notebook is not practical.

      I’ve considered trying the larger note book Field Notes offers. But that won’t fit in my back pocket. https://fieldnotesbrand.com/products/pitch-black-note

  2. Shannon Avatar

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I also use a pocket notebook because the larger size Bullet Journal is not practical for my work (I’m not really anchored to a desk) and I also tend to forget things if I can’t write them down immediately. I recently moved from two Field Notes in tandem (in almost the exact way you described) to a Field Notes book for my Index, future planning etc. and a pocket Moleskine for my daily use. The Moleskine lets me use the same notebook for between 4-6 months and it is helpful to have to keep track of less notebooks when I trying to find older information. When I was using the two Field Notes books I had a similar passport case to the one you are using. Now that I’m using the Moleskine and a Field Note book I got a different case from Jetpens.com. You can see the style here https://www.jetpens.com/Chic-Sparrow-Classic-Tea-House-Leather-Notebook-Cover-Pocket-Earl-Grey/pd/28576. It is a little bigger than the passport case but still fits in my pocket.
    Anyway, thanks for posting. I’ve had a hard time finding other bullet journalists who use the pocket size. It is interesting to see what methods others use that are similar to and different from my own.

    1. Joseph Dickson Avatar

      Recently I moved back to an A5 notebook but I still use this dual notebook method when I travel.

      The two journal system only failed me when it came to taking really detailed notes such drafting long form text.

      I really like how you described your system consider posting it somewhere and dropping me a reply with a link. I’m very interested in your take on this.

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