Edgar Allan Poe: Marginalia

The concept of writing in the margins of a printed text has always perplexed me. Not that it’s defacing the tome. Rather that if I come across it again years later I’ll look at the notes and think.

“Well, that was silly of me to think that”

I’ll check out this link later and see what Edgar thinks of the subject. Could even change my mind.


The Bookmark

Words Onscreen by Naomi S. Baron
Words Onscreen by Naomi S. Baron

I was assured we wouldn’t need bookmarks in the future. Here I am, using my phone as a bookmark.

Keep Calm and File a Bug Report

I know everyone is stressed out with Gutenberg but remember its Free Software built by hard working people who are mostly volunteers. File a detailed bug report and include all the steps to reproduce the issue. Often, it will be addressed sooner.