• Very True.

    In response to a tweet about website discovery being impossible without social media. ?

  • This thing on?

    I realized I haven’t posted a damn thing in over three months so here you go.

  • Wearing a Mask

    Wearing a Mask

    I’m out and about today making a point to wear a mask whether inside or outside. Wearing a mask shows that you care and respect the health of everyone around you withoutà saying a word.

  • SMTP


    Trying to figure out why my server’s SMTP configuration simply doesn’t work. It’s Documentation Time! ????

  • It takes 1GB for WordPress in 2020

    It takes 1GB for WordPress in 2020

    When it takes 1GB to run a relatively lean WordPress website in 2020 I see the appeal of static site generators. These are from my $10 a month Digital Ocean server for this website. A few years back we could comfortably run a basic blog on a server with a mere 512 MB of RAM.

  • Crosbo Pils

    Crosbo Pils

    This is the best Pilsner I’ve ever had. Piney. Hoppy and refreshing. ????????????????????