• Thank you WordCamp Riverside

    Thank you WordCamp Riverside

    I’d like to thank everyone who attended my talk at WordCamp Riverside this weekend. It was a fantastic speaking experience and I hope everyone gained a little more insight into WordPress Multisite. If you are interested in digging further WordPress.tv a treasure of past presentations on this subject and others. To the other speakers thank you for your…

  • Fueling up for WordCamp Riverside

    Fueling up for WordCamp Riverside

    It’s day two and there is some great talks coming up later today. I can’t wait.

  • Is Multisite right for you?

    Is Multisite right for you?

    Secrets and shortcuts you need to know… A few years ago I jumped my organization onto Multisite, at first it was fantastic. WordPress, themes and plugins could be updated in a single dashboard. By clicking a few buttons and checking off a to-do list I had another site ready to go. This was fantastic! Before…

  • Slide presentation work continues

    Slide presentation work continues

    Working on Multisite for the first time? Keep it simple.

  • Let preparations begin!

    Let preparations begin!

    This is how I visualize and organize my slide deck presentation for When is Multisite right for you?  before building it in LibreOffice Impress. Nothing fancy, and just about any notebook would suit the purpose of keeping research and thoughts in a single place. In this instance I’m using a Moleskine Cashier’s Journal from a…