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My First Custom WordPress Block Pattern

Block Patterns are pre-defined groups of blocks curated by a WordPress theme or plugin developer and I have put off learning to build these for a few months until a case presented itself.

Previously I used WP_Query in a Child Theme to display posts of a special category to generate these call to action titles. It was cumbersome and whenever the client needed to update the page I’d have to edit the theme. Today, four years since the Block Editor arrived we can finally configure complex groups of blocks for our clients to drop any post. That’s significant workflow enhancement.

Block Pattern
Block pattern on the front end of a website

In a future release I expect users could build their own patterns within the editor itself and save them to a library just as we can with Reusable Blocks. I’m kinda curious why that ability doesn’t already exist.

I plan to post a build tutorial to this weekend.

Current Status
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