Two Field Notes Bullet Journal System

Pocket Notebook Combination

A quick rundown of how I’m currently using Bullet Journal to manage my projects.

Pocket Notebook One

  • Monthly Log
  • Future Log
  • Collections
Collections and Monthly Log
Fields Notes 1: Collections and Monthly Log

Pocket Notebook Two

  • Rapid Log intermixed with the Daily Log
Rapid Logging & Daily Log Field Notes notebook
Field Notes 2:  Rapid Log & Daily Log notebook
Typo brand passport holder
Typo brand passport holder contains the pen and my two books

The First notebook with my Collections and Monthly Log, Future Log has lasted over a year and I’m only 1/2 way through it. The second notebook for my Daily Log and Rapid Logging usually takes 8-12 weeks to fill up. Once done I swap it for a new one.

The pitfall of using pocket notebooks is that it requires me to be very concise. At some point I may need to create a Index notebook just to remind myself what’s inside which one as they get used up pretty quickly.

Admittedly, it can be counter productive to have a dozen of these floating around instead of a single larger notebook.

Testing Out Twenty Nineteen

laptop in a dark room

I’ve become a bit of a fan of Gutenberg over the last several months. So when the upcoming Twenty Nineteen theme was announced earlier this week I had to give it a shot as soon as possible. I love kicking the tires on a new default WordPress theme before all the bugs are ironed out.

I love kicking the tires

Twenty Nineteen will feature Gutenberg at launch so theoretically all the core blocks will work as expected so developers like myself can refer back to it’s code as an example of how to build a compatible theme.

hot lead type blocks for publishing books
Hot lead type used in printing. Photo Source: Pixabay

My hacking to do list

  • Create a Child Theme
  • Figure out a way to customize the blue overlay on featured images
  • Perhaps create a Gutenberg block or Customizer setting to adjust the color settings
  • Submit results to the community

Once complete I may be able to create a presentation for my local meetup.

The Bookmark

Words Onscreen by Naomi S. Baron
Words Onscreen by Naomi S. Baron

I was assured we wouldn’t need bookmarks in the future. Here I am, using my phone as a bookmark.