• Rocketbook Fusion Rebound

    Rocketbook Fusion Rebound

    Took about fifteen minutes to bind my Rocketbook Fusion Executive size. I dismantled it a few months back to use the pages as single note sheets.

  • Afternoon Coffee

    Afternoon Coffee

    It’s been an afternoon of trying to figure out why Firefox is having difficulty connecting to this website from my local network. I think I’ve got this… Mostly worked out. At least for now. It’s between one of the solutions from Firefox documentation and checking in with my webhost. Additionally, I think the WordPress app…

  • Midweek Rocketbook Purge

    Midweek Rocketbook Purge

    Clearing out my Rocketbook today instead of the weekend to begin fresh tomorrow. Today hasn’t been productive, my theory is clearing this book of the midweek stuff will free my mind in the process. Prior to this mind-wipe I used the Rocketbook App to send all the pages to Evernote if I choose to review…

  • Getting Things Done with a Rocketbook and the Bullet Journal System

    Getting Things Done with a Rocketbook and the Bullet Journal System

    I’ve been using the Bullet Journal System (Bujo) and Getting Things Done (GTD) for awhile now. This year’s review of my merging of these methodologies have resulted in a few new opportunities now that I’ve included Rockebooks into the mix. GTD and The Bullet Journal System I adhere precisely to The Bullet Journal System with…

  • My Rocketbook Matrix Arrived Today

    My Rocketbook Matrix Arrived Today

    I’m already enjoying this version of the Rocketbook, within minutes I drafted a webpage layout scanned it with the Rocketbook Android app and pushed it to Evernote. Enter The Matrix* *Bad movie pun intended. What I Enjoy When Using any Rocketbook Notebook These lightweight rugged notebooks are ideal for tossing into a loaded backpack. I…