Toshiba NB505

  • The Netbook still kicking

    The Netbook still kicking

    A little proof that you can still get some work done while listening to music and surfing the web with Trisquel 7 and 2GB of ram in a 7 year old Toshiba NB505 netbook in 2017. Tonight I ssh’d into my Linux web server zipped up my WordPress wp-content folder and backed up the database.…

  • Trisquel 7 still chugging along

    Trisquel 7 still chugging along

    Just performed updates to this seven year old netbook and still impressed the amount of work that is possible with an archaic piece of netbook hardware. It was worthless as a Windows PC when my father picked it up new at Costco. However, as soon as he abandoned this thing to a closet I dropped…