To Be Read

In no particular order.

  • Iain M. Banks, Culture Series
    • Consider Phebas
    • The Player of Games (own the trade paperback)
    • Use of Weapons
    • The State of the Art
    • Excession
    • Inversions
    • Look to Winward
    • Matter
    • Surface Detail
    • The Hydrogen Sonata
  • John Scalzi, Ghost Brigade (Old Man’s War Universe)
  • John Scalzi, The Collapsing Empire (Book One in trilolgy)
  • Hugh Howie, The Silo Series
    • Own e-book of Wool, trade paperbacks of Shift and Dust
  • Ann Leckie, Imperial Radch trilogy
    • Own trade paperbacks
  • James S. A. Corey (The Expanse Series + Novellas)
    • Re-read of first two books
    • Own hardcover and e-books of first three
    • Looking for…
      • Hardcovers of books 4-9
      • Novellas set to be released in March 2022

Currently Reading

Up Next

  1. Ann Leckie, Ancillary Justice (Trade Paperback)
  2. Hugh Howey, Wool (e-book)

Looking For (or to borrow)

On Pause

Did Not Finish

I began the following books and have set them aside in favor of others on my TBR list

  • Ken Grimwood, Replay
    • Started twice, I usually get to the point where the protagonist just starts to use his unique knowledge. Great book but it hasn’t clicked yet.
Roadside Picnic on a Barnes and Noble Nook

Recently Finished (Ranking of 1-5)

  • Roadside Picnic, (2 of 5)
    • English translation issues
    • Lacked secondary character development
  • All Systems Red, Murderbot Diaries (5 of 5)
    • I enjoy the protagonist and care what happens to them.
  • John Scalzi, Old Man’s War (5 of 5)
    • Love the universe and character arc