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  • How I use my Freewrite Traveler

    How I use my Freewrite Traveler

    I’m not an author, I have not ambition to be one and don’t intend on publishing the next great novel, screenplay, opinion, news article, or clickbait. I’m a Linux user and a fan of e-ink devices. A few months ago I purchased a new, first generation, currently the only generation, Freewrite Traveler directly from Astrohaus.…

  • Logitech Combo Touch for iPad Air Gen 4 & 5

    Logitech Combo Touch for iPad Air Gen 4 & 5

    I’ve decided to see if my iPad can replace other devices and my journal for a week.

  • 18 Months

    18 Months

    Today will be the first time in over a year and a half I’ll spend more than a few minutes at my desk at work.

  • Rocketbook Fusion Rebound

    Rocketbook Fusion Rebound

    Took about fifteen minutes to bind my Rocketbook Fusion Executive size. I dismantled it a few months back to use the pages as single note sheets.

  • Firefox Screenshot Feature

    As a web developer I can’t live without the Firefox Screenshot feature. Not sure what it is? Here’s a short silent video on how to use it.

  • Midweek Rocketbook Purge

    Midweek Rocketbook Purge

    Clearing out my Rocketbook today instead of the weekend to begin fresh tomorrow. Today hasn’t been productive, my theory is clearing this book of the midweek stuff will free my mind in the process. Prior to this mind-wipe I used the Rocketbook App to send all the pages to Evernote if I choose to review…