Sitting hours at home can contribute to cardiovascular disease

NPR’s Morning Edition had a short segment on the health risks of sitting at home for more than two hours at a time. Interestingly, I have been using a Fitbit the last few years to alert me if I don’t take at least 250 steps per hour. Now that I’m good about moving at work […]

Readability Theme Progress Update

Last week I delve into web sustainability which led to running several tests using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. As I knocked out one suggestion then the next I was surprised how simple delivery enhancements can speed up even the leanest website. PageSpeed Insights Websites are heavy, even a simple blog post can easily pass 2 […]

Getting Things Done with the Bullet Journal

In 2013 I found myself stressed out, I had to many commitments and not enough time; or so I thought. Up until this point I kept track of all my everything in email or my head. When I missed an important deadline I often complained that I was overworked. I started researching productivity methods online […]