Hobinichi Techo at Paper and Plant Co

Picked up my first Hobinichi Techo and plan to use it at work this year and wondering if it will change my workflow. $35 plus sales tax.

Website: https://paperplant.co/

Ink and pen test
Pen test, avoid slow drying inks if you open and close frequently.
Ghosting but no bleed through.
Ghosting but no bleed through.





6 responses to “Hobinichi Techo at Paper and Plant Co”

  1. D.J. Avatar

    @josephdickson That looks cool.
    In other news, I just added your RSS feed. Can’t believe I hadn’t done that before.

  2. Joseph Dickson Avatar

    @itsjustdj which reminds me, I need to find a good RSS app for Android.

  3. Joseph Dickson Avatar

    @itsjustdj previously, yes and it was okay. I’m going to give Feeder a try, it claims to not collect any personal data.


    Feeder – Apps on Google Play

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