Firefox ESR by any other name is just Firefox ESR.

PureOS – First Impressions Gallery

Today I poked around in PureOS a GNU/Linux distribution recently endorsed by the Free Software Foundation. So far I’m very impressed in what I can do with minimal effort. For starters, I had no problems creating a local installation of WordPress. (A necessity  and a test in my line of work as a web developer.) It was actually pretty simple. Being based on Debian made it easy. I just swapped MariaDB out for the usual MySQL.

It’s nice to know that PureOS is another option. The best way to describe this experience is Debian + GNOME minus proprietary blobs. If I had to fine one complaint it would be that Firefox is stuck on ESR rather than the current version. However, when you’re running Free Software that’s a small price to pay for software freedom. Chromium is also available in the repository.






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