Rhodia Paper Cover for my Hobonichi Original

I didn’t want to buy an A6 folio or plastic cover for my Hobonichi Original and thought back to high school and college when students folded craft paper around textbooks.

Step One: Use Rhodia or another fountain pen friendly sheet of paper slightly larger than A5 to cover the A6 Hobonichi Original.
Step Two: Mark the top and bottom edges on the inside paper cover just above and below the margins of the Hobonichi.
Step Three: Mark the left and right edges of the Hobonichi allowing extra space for the spine.
Step Four: Fold over and tape in place over the Hobonichi.

By using fountain pen friendly paper I can write directly on the cover without damaging my notebook and replace when damaged.






9 responses to “Rhodia Paper Cover for my Hobonichi Original”

  1. paradoxmo Avatar

    @josephdickson ah, the “wrapping school textbooks with paper grocery bags” solution

  2. Joseph Dickson Avatar

    @paradoxmo precisely, I included a link to a short YouTube video that reminded me how to do it correctly. 😀


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