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Keeping Track of Books and Reading Progress

An open discussion on how we read and our preferences for note taking, progress, comments, marginalia. Different users have unique preferences that a single app may not be customized enough for their own usage.

Jacky has a library page with progress on his website at. I find this particularly interesting because it doesn’t appear to rely on a third party.

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A Hovercard also known as a h-card is a bit of content that’s shared about you on your website kinda like a visual/interactive business card. Implementation looks like Gravitar. It can contain far more information and is self-hosted.

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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Presented by Sarah Hibner

The ephemeral nature of the web and lack of preservation within media silos. We tend to save bookmarks and excerpts. But not entire pages.

Metadata is a Love Letter to the Future

Sarah Hibner

Meta data lets you turn around and do more with the information and there are different approaches to digital bookmarking.

Archive data for personal use, if it’s published you may run into copyright concerns. I frequently wonder how Evernote clippings don’t run into this issue.

As time goes on technology changes and media formats disappear.

Media preservation should be a goal of web users and developers. Should I save everything as .txt files? Print out every page?

Notes from listening to a podcast may be more valuable than the podcast itself after it disappears.

Peter Molnar mentioned his post about recovering old versions of his website that were lost over time.