• Keeping Track of Books and Reading Progress

    An open discussion on how we read and our preferences for note taking, progress, comments, marginalia. Different users have unique preferences that a single app may not be customized enough for their own usage. Jacky has a library page with progress on his website at. I find this particularly interesting because it doesn’t appear to […]

  • Hovercards

    A Hovercard also known as a h-card is a bit of content that’s shared about you on your website kinda like a visual/interactive business card. Implementation looks like Gravitar. It can contain far more information and is self-hosted.

  • Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

    Presented by Sarah Hibner The ephemeral nature of the web and lack of preservation within media silos. We tend to save bookmarks and excerpts. But not entire pages. Metadata is a Love Letter to the Future Sarah Hibner Meta data lets you turn around and do more with the information and there are different approaches […]

  • Codeless automation tools and the IndieWeb + How Webmentions and the web works

    Peter Molnar discusses the flow in sharing content between proprietary platforms and our websites. Its a big mix of silos and the details change based on what APIs are available from these platforms. However, when the platform provides tools for sharing the process can be seamlessly automated. However, it requires that the service support […]

  • IndieWebCamp West

    Spending the weekend learning about owning my own social media and online content at IndieWebCamp West. My biggest takeaway so far is that there is still an internet outside of the corporate silos. Integrating our website’s to share content back and forth automatically if we want, or manually if we prefer.

  • Lurking and Private Posts

    I stumbled across this post by Chris Aldrich while lurking through my Twitter feed. Which has inspired me throw back a reply and briefly summarize how I have been increasingly using IndiWeb core ideas and concepts to re-focus how I use the web. More than a website Recently I’ve been building a custom WordPress theme […]