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The WordPress Desktop App

A notification ping, a quick Ctrl+Tab swap to another website and back. Distractions are common when writing in a web browser. I find that focus can be maintained with the WordPress desktop app.

A new post becomes distraction free environment, a direct link between you and your website. The interface is identical to your post editor styles so you’ll be editing and writing within a familiar environment. Even down to the keyboard shortcuts (SHIFT+ALT+H). I find this is a welcome alternative to the standard dashboard.

The WordPress post editor Keyboard Shortcuts dialog.

The app is GPL2 licensed but comes with a caveat requiring self hosted websites use the Jetpack plugin. 🙁

Work & Productivity

30 days of writing

I recently decided I need to start writing daily to build a habit and improve my communication skills. Truth be told, I effortlessly find excuses to keep from writing. You’re a developer, a designer, at best a passable copy editor. Just because all this is true shouldn’t prevent me from expending a little effort.

I won’t be posting daily, much of this challenge is intended to break my decades old habit of creating excuses not to write. I’ll likely spend much of it in a pocket notebook with pen in hand. At the end of this month I’ll recap the experience, particularly what methods I found to be the least restrictive.

I will try following

  • Posting to my website using the WordPress app, dashboard and WP-CLI
  • My trusty bullet journal
  • A Field Notes pocket notebook