30 days of writing

I recently decided I need to start writing daily to build a habit and improve my communication skills. Truth be told, I effortlessly find excuses to keep from writing. You’re a developer, a designer, at best a passable copy editor. Just because all this is true shouldn’t prevent me from expending a little effort.

I won’t be posting daily, much of this challenge is intended to break my decades old habit of creating excuses not to write. I’ll likely spend much of it in a pocket notebook with pen in hand. At the end of this month I’ll recap the experience, particularly what methods I found to be the least restrictive.

I will try following

  • Posting to my website using the WordPress app, dashboard and WP-CLI
  • My trusty bullet journal
  • A Field Notes pocket notebook






2 responses to “30 days of writing”

  1. Joe A. Simpson, Jr. Avatar

    How is it going so far Joe? Is there an official contest URL with more details? I’d join you if you need a fellow writer…

    1. Joseph Dickson Avatar

      No challenge, no url, just a challenge to myself. Feel free to join and hold me accountable. ????

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