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A few months back I purchased the domain to serve as my “professional blog” and alternative to relying on third parties like LinkedIn and social media for my “public image.” Today, I decided to search for myself incognito and was impressed with the results.

After listing the site in Google, Bing and Yandex’s web developer platforms last week I noticed a spike in my search rankings. Joseph Dickson is relatively common name that I apparently share with a Canadian politician and at couple historical figures.

I was very impressed to see how using my name as the domain reflected in a major SEO boost compared this site which has been active far longer.

duck duck go
Duck Duck Go
  • Bing listed me third
  • Duck Duck Go listed me third
  • Yahoo listed me in third place a well, and looks a lot like Bing
  • Google listed me at 47 😐

I am not using any SEO plugins or specialized scripts. is an almost stock WordPress installation with some unrelated adjustments.

Google appears to use a context algorithm which weighs heavy on social media, people search services, and websites with actual traffic.  Although I expect Google will list me higher over time.

I’m glad to see that a well planned domain name and stock WordPress website provides such impressive results.






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