Lubuntu Desktop

Working From Home

Today was my (almost) first full day at home and working remotely. I did head to the office for about two hours for a quick meeting.

A few notes on my day

  • Lubuntu is a fantastic get work done Linux distribution
  • Forgot to check WordPress site health before coding. Had I done that I would have saved two hours of debugging good code.
    • A PHP module that resizes images automatically wasn’t installed which meant my custom post type that generated a cropped image didn’t work.

Zarah and I are both working from home

She’s got the bottom floor and I got the top floor of the house. It’s almost as though we’re coworkers again. Something we haven’t been since college.

The breakroom sink (kitchen) has dishes so I need to get better about cleaning up after myself before I get reported to HR.

Remote happy hour

Jeff, Zarah and I are about to log onto facetime for a quick happy hour beer.