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Am I A Russian Bot?

I know its just Yandex but ranking #1 on a search engine organically for anything means that Peppermint OS as a project…

  • Peppermint OS has a fantastic reputation earned over ten years.
  • Optimizations to our website for speed, accessibility and progressive web app implementation didn’t hurt.

My Guess, I’m being tracked

Yandex knows I spend a lot of time on Peppermint OS related activities and possibly built a profile on me despite my best efforts to block third party tracking.

My Request

If you’re willing… It is a Russian search engine after all. Head over to Yandex and search for peppermint. Do you get this as a top result as well? Send me a comment below or on Twitter.

By Joseph Dickson

Joseph Dickson is a web developer in higher education and an avid proponent of using WordPress’ core features to create flexible and manageable design solutions.

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