With all it’s faults I still like Unity Desktop

I’ve always preferred Unity desktop’s HUD and Lens over GNOME’s Activities. In all likelihood I’ll keep both desktop environments installed after Bionic Beaver is released later this week. GNOME has a better workflow but I never liked the amount of vertical space wasted between the top bar and window below. Unity’s Lens are largely useless, […]

PureOS – First Impressions Gallery

Today I poked around in PureOS a GNU/Linux distribution recently endorsed by the Free Software Foundation. So far I’m very impressed in what I can do with minimal effort. For starters, I had no problems creating a local installation of WordPress. (A necessity¬† and a test in my line of work as a web developer.) […]

Creating a simple Pomodoro timer for i3

A terminal based Pomodoro coountdown doesn’t appear to exist but can be created simply in i3’s config file. It requires the following packages to enable “notify-send” which is a simple gtk popup notification. libnotify-bin libnotify4 # Pomodoro start and end notifications bindsym $mod+Control+p exec notify-send –icon=gtk-info Pomodoro “Focus for 25 minutes” && sleep 2500 && […]