Lightening Talks

Five People to meet on Campus

  • Brand Manager
  • Disability / Academic Support Person
  • Faculty Development Person
  • IT Training Coordinator
  • Help Desk Coordinator

You should know what all these people do. They may be a collaborative resource

Content Mistakes

  • Wordiness
    • Simplify long running sentences to fewer words
  • Words that end in ING
  • Lame adjectives – use better words
  • Passive voice
    • “Fun was had” vs “We had fun”
  • Point of View
    • You or We
  • It’s not “actually” web content.
    • PDFs, Word Docs etc.
  • So what?
    • You* care. Obviously
    • Does your audience care?
  • Are we there yet?
  • No next step
    • What’s the goal of the page
  • Haste
    • Writing too quickly, no time to edit.
    • Slow down a little bit
  • Inconsistent web content
    • Distributed voice, tone, spelling
    • Process – Create a checklist to improve the content
    • Joke about oxford comma 🙂
    • Does anyone have veto power for poor content?

Information Security

  • Paul Gilzow U of Missouri
  • Assets you need to protect
  • Threats
    • Anything that represents a danger
  • Vulnerability
    • Weakness that can be exploited
    • You don’t want to get wet but you have holes in your umbrella 🙂
      • Rain is a pretty big risk
  • Risk
    • lower threats to minimize risk
    • Why does this matter?
    • We have a lot of valuable assets
      • Internet access
      • Computing power
      • SEO reputation of .edu domains
        • spam can threaten that advantage
      • Band and reputation has value
      • Social media has value
      • Sensitive information (lots of information)
    • Know your Assets
      • Catalog what you have
    • Defense in depth
      • Every layer has a hole but by stacking them you can slow an attack. If one fails the next layer will fall into place.
      • Minimize attack surfaces
        • add layers to protect various layers (two factor etc.)
        • Get rid of stuff you’re not using (old themes, plugins etc.)
        • Principle of least privilege
          • Provide limited access for limited time… Don’t make everyone an admin.
        • Be paranoid
          • You are actively being attacked and probes
          • treat all third party code as hostile
          • Evaluate plugins, users etc.






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