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Notes from the WPCAMPUS live stream

Kelli Wise
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Accessible content is good for your institution and everyone who uses it.

Creating and editing the content

  • web copy
    • Make the copy readable
    • write content for a lower reading level than people on campus
    • short paragraphs and proper headings
    • use reading level tools from Yoast MS Word, Gammerly etc.
    • Flesch reading score should be 70% or higher and avoid passive voice
    • People do not read the internet, they scan.
    • Proper headlines help people scan the content.
    • Make links understandable.
    • WAVE Firefox Browser Extension
    • WAVE tool
      • Flags potential errors to check
    • Capitalize the first letter in all your hashtags
    • Tables
      • Layout vs Data
      • Don’t use layout tables use CSS layouts
      • use role=”presentation” in layout tables if you must use them
      • Don’t leave data table headers empty

Headings are not for formatting they have semantic purpose

Kelli Wise


Use ALT text in your images, if that image is decorative leave alt blank but still include it. Include relevant data in the alt text so if it doesn’t load you’ll understand what the image represents.

Question: Should we include alt text on all images such as yet another image of the building.

Answer: Treat it as a decorative image

Color Contrast

Don’t be afraid to make things big and in high contrast. People will be reading this on phones under direct sunlight.

Use safe colors that can be converted to black and white and still be understood. An example would be a subway map.


Submit vs “Submit the form” or something descriptive.

Videos, Podcasts, Audio

Don’t autoplay videos, provide captions and audio descriptions and transcripts.

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By Joseph Dickson

Joseph Dickson is a web developer in higher education and an avid proponent of using WordPress’ core features to create flexible and manageable design solutions.

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