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Cal Newport on Quitting Social Media

Cal Newport discusses the pitfalls and benefits of cutting back and even completely disconnecting from social media.

Off Topicvideo

Field Notes: FNC-38 SPRING 2018 COASTAL

If you follow me with any regularity you might notice I’m a Field Notes fan. This new edition just appeared on the Field Notes website recently and I was very inspired by the video.

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With all it’s faults I still like Unity Desktop

I’ve always preferred Unity desktop’s HUD and Lens over GNOME’s Activities. In all likelihood I’ll keep both desktop environments installed after Bionic Beaver is released later this week.

GNOME has a better workflow but I never liked the amount of vertical space wasted between the top bar and window below.

Unity’s Lens are largely useless, so perhaps I’ll drop both for a more traditional approach.

Lubuntu minimal with i3wm had been my primary desktop since December so its the strongest contender.

I may hop to other flavors like Budgie, XFCE or MATE.

Peppermint is another option although it won’t be based on 18.04 for a few months.