Soon I Will Be Invincible

Reading the beginning of chapter thirteen from Soon I Will Be Invincible gave me a sensible chuckle.

Feeling rather full of himself after avoiding detection at a super hero funeral the antagonist of the story relaxes in a coffee shop.

I close my eyes, for a moment. There are days when you just don’t feel all that evil.

Doctor Impossible

Hey. Um. Honey? I think that guy over there is Doctor Impossible.

Coffee shop onlooker

Just a reminder that even super villains suck at information security.


Thoughts on Utopia

Manu Saadia has a pretty good point in his latest piece in Citylab. I can’t quite think of the last Utopian novel I’ve read cover to cover.

A sobering moment was this paragraph.

It tells you something that when the most avowedly utopian franchise in modern entertainment, Star Trek, decided to showcase a future city in space (in 2016’s Star Trek Beyond), it shot the exteriors in … Dubai.

Maanu Saadia

Not San Francisco, or suburban Los Angeles as we’d previously seen. Yeah, I would say we have an image problem. ????

Even Captain America became burnt out by the end of his MCU run.

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Free riding on public goods is much more of a threat to our continued welfare than the physical scarcity of raw materials. Public goods are already at risk because of their nonexcludable, nonrival nature.

Manu Saadia