Web Accessibility made easy for WordPress

Joseph LoPreste | https://stpetedesign.com Audits websites for accessibility NFB, discovered how difficult it is for low-vision users to use the internet Title 3 lawsuits Easy Steps WCAG 2.1 Text alternative, media, adaptable, distinguishable Keyboard access, time, navigation, seizures readable, predictable, input assistance 11 Steps to Accessibility Don’t use click here and read more on links. […]

Being a model contributor

https://desrosiers.party/wcoc | Jonathan Desrosiers| @desrosj 2007 started using WordPress 2009 started taking a deeper drive 2013 contributions to WordPress a simple css bug fix 🙂 WordCamp Providence 2013 Contributor Day met @nacin Ticket, Improving passwords for users First experience in actual collaboration to core Lurking Phase watched Slack at .org Volunteering Phase testing patches, administrative […]