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This is why we make backups people

I figured out how to enable Custom Post Formats in WP Rig. Deployed an updated theme. I deleted my old theme ready to install the new one only to discover I deleted my localhost install of WP Rig and not the theme on this website. Woops!

I didn’t backup WP Rig on my localhost so I’ll need to rebuild my changes from the beginning.


Testing out WP Rig

The last few days I’ve been playing with WP Rig as a way to speed up my WordPress development process and automatically optimize theme performance. This effort was partly on in part by Chris Weigman’s switch to Hujo.js for his blog and as well as my interest in static site generators.

WP Rig’s build process automates the more tedious tasks of WordPress development and lets focus on the layout and design elements. At time of this post I’ve published a near stock theme with only a related posts component added.

Although it’s nowhere near the speed of Chris’ site there is the benefit of comments if he chooses to leave one. 😛


One Does Not Simply Migrate a 20GB website

I’m preparing to migrate a large WordPress multisite and we’re running into several unexpected challenges along the way.

  • 32 bit PHP is restricted to creating a 2.1GB archive.
  • We have some other server side problems completely unrelated to WordPress
  • We self host on campus
  • Duplicator Pro is fantastic at helping me uncover and resolve these conflicts along the way.

Multisite really keeps me on my toes 😃