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Focus yourself with “Airplane Mode”

I’ve discovered that my most productive work is done between the hours of 8 and 11 am. It’s when I do my best coding, feel as though I’m most creative and almost moving on autopilot.

How I Airplane Mode myself to maintain focus

My key to productivity includes switching the phone to Power Saver and Airplane Mode before my commute to work and leaving it there until 10 or 11 am.

During which time quickly I check and reply to email, review my projects for the day and usually knock out at least good hour of uninterrupted coding or design work.

Airplane mode & Power saver
I engage “Airplane Mode” when I need to focus.

Airplane Mode along with Do not Disturb blocks everything so my focus can remain on my task at hand. I find that notification spam is greatest in the morning. Apps are designed to build habits and push notifications on us as soon as we wake up pulling from important tasks.

Priority 0nly is a good compromise if you can’t risk being unavailable to selected contacts.

Priority only is a good compromise to allow alarms and important contacts reach you if being completely off the grid is not an option.

It works for me and might work for you

I’ve been doing this now for a few months and find that 8am to 11am is the sweet spot where I would normally get interrupted by meaningless notifications but never anything so important that couldn’t wait until I switch back on afterwards.

Don’t be afraid to miss notifications, they’ll be there waiting when you return.


Why I use Jetpack to track what’s unpopular

Tracking has become synonymous with spying. What information should I collect, why is it collected and what will I do with it.

First it should provide value to the readers

It sounds squishy and it is. In short, any data collected should do something for the consumer. In this case myself and my readers.

Jumpack Stats from June 14
Jumpack’s statistics page from June 14.

I recently added a paid version of Jetpack to my website for daily backups, anonymous viewing statistics and video hosting. As a result it brought along with it nearly a dozen third party trackers, Specifically 11 on my homepage. While I’m not thrilled at the number at least it’s clear who is tracking this information.

Trackers installed along with Jetpack.
Trackers installed along with Jetpack.

All 11 are domains are owned by Automattic and most are specifically heading to which redirects to and not a random advertisement or “service” relentlessly tracking your every move. Jetpack is a service so this looks good to me.

By providing basic statistics, I can now research whether a post is viewed or is mostly ignored.

Largely no one viewed my Cold Brew and GTD post.

So how does this provide value?

  1. Google Plus didn’t care about my Coffee and Reading post where I shared it.
  2. I didn’t properly tag the post’s subject “Getting Things Done” maybe that would have helped.
  3. The post didn’t resonate, perhaps I should stick to Instagram coffee postings.
  4. Readers of my website just don’t come here for this stuff.
  5. No one is reading this.

Tracking should be anonymous and not follow people around

Don’t be creepy, if someone views your blog post the last thing they want to see  are ads loosely related to the subject elsewhere tomorrow.

Tracking services should clearly describe what they collect, how they do it, and what it’s used for. I think Automattic does a good job on their Privacy Page. So lets give this a go and see if I can improve my site.

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Cold Brew Coffee and GTD

My reread of Getting Things Done is roughly 1/3 complete.

This system really does work because it’s technology independent and modular.