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Bash is magic # No it’s not

Dwayne McDaniel – Pantheon

Let’s talk about magic

  • Don’t be afraid of bash, just use it
  • Stephen R. Bourne Created Unix shell in ’79
  • bash “causes actions” its that simple
  • Linux ’92 / ’93 Linus Torvalds
    • Now you can run in on Windows 😐
  • Build Tools
    • CirlceCi
    • Jenkins
    • CI / CD


  • Included in Mac and Linux
  • Can install on Windows
  • $ prompt
  • ~ home directory
  • pwd – present working directory
  • ls – list contents of directory
  • ls -a list contents – all (including hidden files)
  • .. – one level up
  • mkdir – make directory
  • cp – copy
  • mv – move
  • rm – remove
  • rm -rf — remove all recursive (be careful)
  • history — show history of commands
  • clear — clear screen
  • open — Open files and directories


  • grep — general regular expression search
  • curl — pull from a url
    • curl – I — header
  • vi – editor
  • nano – editor
  • calc – calculator
  • git – version control
  • ddgr – duck duck go search
  • wp – wpcli — WordPress command line
  • backstop — automates visual regression
  • example image magic — convert images
  • .bashrc — create a alias such as ff to open Firefox if you want
    • automate bash commands into a sequence
  • Scripting
    • “hello world”
    • use wp-cli to automate stuff you do frequently
    • build a script to build websites
    • run scripts to update, test, test, move to production all within bash
    • ctrl a — move to front of line


  • duck duck go is great for documentation
  • watch star wars in asci

You Don’t Say: The importance of earnest feedback

Cami Kaos Community Organizer for WordPress Sponsored by Auttomattic –

I’ve now realized for the first time in my life the vital importance of being earnest.

Oscar Wilde

When’s the last time you gave feedback?

  • Tweets
  • Mentor relationship

Three types of feedback

  • Appreciation
    • Keep it appropriate and on topic
  • Coaching
    • Grow and Change
    • How work can be improved
  • Evaluation
    • Should not be emotional
    • Should have value. Think of letter grades / pass and fail
    • Be objective without emotion

What job are you trying to do?

  • Give relevant feedback to the purpose
  • Keep feedback about the project
    • Keep it productive

Never speak disrespectfully of Society, Alegernon. Only people who can’t get into it do that.

Oscar Wilde
  • When you are respectful and kind people are less likely to block you
  • The strongest control we have is how we receive feedback

It is absurd to have a hard-and-fast rule about what one should read and what one shouldn’t. More than half of modern culture depends on what one shouldn’t read.

Oscar Wilde
  • Poop Sandwich
    • buffer negative feedback with positive feedback — meh.
    • Instead just be constructive and greatfull

READ: The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde


John Hawkins

Used a “call center” as an example of using WP REST API to solve custom data problems with WordPress.

  • What problem does it solve?
  • The WP Rest API provides endpoints for data types taht allow devs to interact with sites remotely
  • Get
  • Post
  • Put
  • Delete

How would I solve issues?

  • shortcodes, used to hide code in a little bit of text
  • hook to init on a certain set of pages

Create a route

  • Pretty Permalinks
    • serve up json of all posts
  • Post endpoints
    • Such as latest ten posts
    • Anytime someone hits and end point… do something.
    • Allow WP to watch for data to hit a url
    • If it doesn’t recieve what it expects it will ignore it and move on.
  • Keep it simple to accomplish your goals with the data
  • Create a custom array of whatever you want
  • If you build custom features don’t tie it to a theme. Consider using a “core functions plugins
  • Chrome extension – JSON formatter – makes it human readable.
  • Postman – Testing your API
  • Learn More –