Soon I Will Be Invincible

Reading the beginning of chapter thirteen from Soon I Will Be Invincible gave me a sensible chuckle.

Feeling rather full of himself after avoiding detection at a super hero funeral the antagonist of the story relaxes in a coffee shop.

I close my eyes, for a moment. There are days when you just don’t feel all that evil.

Doctor Impossible

Hey. Um. Honey? I think that guy over there is Doctor Impossible.

Coffee shop onlooker

Just a reminder that even super villains suck at information security.

Off Topicaside

Santory Time

Sitting down to do a little coding in my backyard.

Off Topic WordPressaside

This is why we make backups people

I figured out how to enable Custom Post Formats in WP Rig. Deployed an updated theme. I deleted my old theme ready to install the new one only to discover I deleted my localhost install of WP Rig and not the theme on this website. Woops!

I didn’t backup WP Rig on my localhost so I’ll need to rebuild my changes from the beginning.