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Trisquel 7 still chugging along

Just performed updates to this seven year old netbook and still impressed the amount of work that is possible with an archaic piece of netbook hardware. It was worthless as a Windows PC when my father picked it up new at Costco. However, as soon as he abandoned this thing to a closet I dropped in a new battery and it’s been my third string system.

I’ve ran Xubuntu, Manjaro and Peppermint OS on this system eventually sticking to Trisquel 7 so I would have a free software system in the house. To get wifi working I use a USB dongle from Think Penguin.

The specs

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Vivaldi looks at home on Peppermint 7

The color scheme, the workflow and customization options for tab grouping, note taking, tiling windows. Everything is feels so practical.

Tiled windows is a killer feature I’d like to see on Firefox.

For instance while editing this post I can make tweaks and reload the live page. When you work in WordPress all day like I do it’s a very practical feature.

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Terran Empire Wallpaper

Last week I created this short series of Terran Empire desktop wallpapers after catching up on the Star Trek Deep Space Nine mirror universe episodes.