Ernest Cline

If you like Top Ten Lists you’ll love the novelization Ready Player Two

Joseph Dickson

I won’t be checking out Ready Player Two. I was annoyed with Armada‘s non stop 80s references that read like a BuzzFeed list. Best I skip this one.


Writing For Designers

Hyperbole is a crutch. Calling everything the biggest, best, greatest, and most fantastic ever is the sign of a weak mind. A weak, orange treasonous mind.

Scott Kubie

This sentence proved a point and gave me a chuckle. Writing For Designers is a brief book on the importance of writing as part of the design process. I struggle with content, this book provides a clear methodology I intend to adopt.

Leasure Readingstatus

The Productivity Project

Roughly two thirds of the way through this book after setting it aside for a few weeks. I enjoy that Chris Bailey wrote this book in both sections and chapters with focused topics. It works well as a linear read or choosing a chapter or section on a topic that interests in the moment.

YouTube was down after work today. So reading with a beverage broke my brainless video watching routine.

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