Software I frequently use in web design

I use various Linux distributions while working on personal web design projects. Below is a list of my favorite software packages. Desktop and Terminal LAMP WordPress ssh sshfs – (creates a mounted file of an ssh connection) tar & gzip2 – (Manual backups via the terminal of my databasae and files.) Graphic Design GIMP Inkscape […]

Protecting most valuable activities by prioritizing the least

It might seem counter productive but least valuable activities should be manged and contained. I know a professor who teaches a full schedule, writes regular articles and produces a book almost every year. I asked his spouse how he did it while remaining so responsive. It was simple, he limited his least valuable activities. Discover […]

How I Work – An analog notebook

Over the last half decade I’ve developed and refined a few methods of approaching the work day and getting things done. As a front end web developer and office administrator my workflow doesn’t fit a static routine. Coding, working with vendors, setting up and attending meetings, event and project planning. Over the last few years […]