A Busy Saturday WordCamp Planning

WordPress Revisions. A pretty good indication of what I’ve been doing with my Saturday  😀

Tomboy Notes and Pandora Radio rocking to the 80s via the Pianobar in the terminal.

WCLAX2018 WordPress

Tools of my Presentation Preparation using Linux

I’m rehearsing my talk into a webcam, here are my tools.

  • LibreOffice Impress (Free Software slide presentation alternative to PowerPoint)
  • Simple Screen Recorder (Free Software to record my desktop)
  • GUVCVIEW (Free Software to display my webcam on the desktop)
  • POP_OS! (Linux distribution based on Ubuntu by System76)
  • Notebook with at a glance slide order to help with transitions and keep me on track.

Thank you WordCamp Riverside

I’d like to thank everyone who attended my talk at WordCamp Riverside this weekend. It was a fantastic speaking experience and I hope everyone gained a little more insight into WordPress Multisite. If you are interested in digging further a treasure of past presentations on this subject and others.

To the other speakers thank you for your commitment. Especially those of you who have spoken at past events. You are an inspiration to the rest of us to seek additional knowledge in our respective fields and in my case work up the nerve to submit a talk to speak at this WordCamp.

I also would like to thank the sponsors who supported this event. If you’re reading this post and looking for WordPress related projects I would like to suggest checking out sponsors of this WordCamp and others as a place to start.

Finally, to the organizers and volunteers who tirelessly got Riverside and the Inland Empire onto WordCamp map. Many of us work and or live in this community and commute across Southern California to connect with people in our own community.

Thank you everyone for making this first Riverside WordCamp an overwhelming success.