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Hoppy Hour at Euruka!

Enjoying one of my favourite beers from Claremont Craft Ales. Jacaranda Rye IPA.


Currently Reading

Picked up Cory Doctorow‘s The Big Beautiful Tomorrow and William Gibson‘s The Peripheral from the Library this morning.

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Debian Stretch Desktop Update

I’m giving my Debian Stretch drive a little attention and running updates.  It’s home is a 1TB 7400 RPM hard drive and serves as home to my personal and server backups as well as this machine’s Steam library.

Currently I’m running Peppermint 8 on my main SSD drive and Ubuntu 16.04.3 running i3 on my testing drive.

Side note Bryan & Matt answer my cliche question on The Lunduke Show (YouTube).

Lastly, if we lived in the dystopian future of 2037 where only only one Linux distribution survived I hope it would be Debian. (see 7:13 of the video above)