Watch me fumble installing WordPress

Today I gave myself a speed challenge that took roughly an hour because I forgot to use sudo while accessing mysql… multiple times.

Other amusing things also happen. If you’ve got 40 minutes you can waste; curious how someone can mess up an Ubuntu + WordPress installation they’ve done at least a hundred times give it a watch.

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New Webcam

My new webcam from Think Penguin just arrived so I decided create this quick test video. I’m very impressed. It literally worked out of the box. I just plugged it into my Solus and installed Guvcview.

This video was recorded using Guvcview there was a slight amount of audio noise that I cleared up in Audacity then replaced using ffmpeg into  an OGG Vorbis video.

If you’re curious the ffmpeg terminal commands used to replace the audio were as follows.

ffmpeg -i edited.ogg -i video.mkv -vcodec copy final.ogv

Screencast test

I recorded this screencast and to test the directional noise canceling  using SimpleScreenRecorder then converted the file in ffmpeg to bring down the file size to a nice and manageable  4MB via ffmpeg

ffmpeg -i screencast.mkv screencast.mp4

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Cal Newport on Quitting Social Media

Cal Newport discusses the pitfalls and benefits of cutting back and even completely disconnecting from social media.